Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress. Eat Drink and Be Merry - New Site, New Direction.

Hello. I'm finally moving over to Wordpress. Hope you'll continue reading over at

It was five and half years ago that I started my food blog out of pure boredom as a bachelor. I wasn’t making much money thanks to the American advertising dream so I had no choice but to eat at home most of the week. I started to document the food I cooked at home much like many others all over the world. From there, I found a deeper relationship to food and cooking and I was always reminded of the importance of food within my family. My parents and sister are all solid cooks and enjoy eating more than anything. We never went on camping/road trips but one thing we had for sure was good food – thus my enjoyment for cooking and eating. I then met Jeni, my wife, who had also been writing her food blog, Oishii Eats. With Jeni, I found not only an eating partner, but companionship through our love for food. The turning point in our relationship happened when she gave me a Gregory backpack as a birthday gift one year. It was her invitation to join her on her travels and I was flattered. I had never really traveled before because of financial drawbacks but we started out slowly and cheaply, by backpacking wherever we could and staying at hostels. It was then we learned to work with whatever we could and make the best out of any moment. We learned a lot about ourselves and cultures simply through these travels. And we’re still going…

The decision to shift my site here is fueled simply by my love for storytelling, traveling and photography, not about being the first to write about the latest and greatest restaurant out there. I learned a lot about food and culture through the writing of food, and it is my true intention to pass on all knowledge to my readers. Jeni and I are both on our second passport book and can’t wait to share the rest of our travels with our readers. In addition, you’ll be reading less about the food I eat but more about the people that bring you the food. Because food is something we revolve around socially and culturally, everyone has a story to tell. Thanks for reading and I promise you new experiences and perspective.


glutster said...

congrats man :)

We are wordpress neighbors now!


Food GPS said...

I'll continue to read your blog for sure. Definitely a believer in what you've been doing.

Natalie Sztern said...

Good luck on your new 'lover' called Wordpress...i hope u took out a pre-nup because she is one tough bitch to figure out and she will hold your blog ransom for the smallest mistake....I learned the hard way...and she is not finished with me yet.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog right this minute. Fabulous stuff. I'm enjoying reading it. Yeah, definitely Wordpress over Blogger. Good move, congrats and best of luck!

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