Friday, December 17, 2010

WonderTune Paris - Finally Going to Europe

After years of traveling all over Latin America and Asia, we are finally heading to Europe for our first time – and we're super stoked. Would love to hear your eating/drinking suggestions for Paris.

And here's the WonderTune Paris mix. Featuring chill/laidback songs from:

Arcade Fire
Bon Iver
Daft Punk
Massive Attack
Nightmares On Wax
Nouvelle Vague
Peter Bjorn & John
The Radio Dept.
The Shins
Yo La Tengo

Download WonderTune Paris. Enjoy. Thanks for reading.


Thirsty in LA said...

52 Martinis is an excellent Paris-based cocktail blog:

Forest is also on Twitter: @52Martinis

The two bars I hear the most about are Experimental Cocktail Club for modern craft cocktails, and of course the legendary Hemingway Bar at the Ritz.

BoatSale said...

You have to go check out Angelina's and try their Chocolat Africain (Hot Chocolate). Go their on an empty stomach because it is filling.

For really good french food in the Bastille I would recommend Chez Paul. A quaint and very authentic restaurant. I would recommend any of their steaks and get all the sauces. (

Last but not least you have to get Fondue at Le Refuge des Fondues. It is up by Sacre Coeur and the food is great but the ambiance is even better. You have to literally step on the tables to get to the inside seats. Your wine is served in baby bottles (partially so they don't spill as you step over the tables). Bring a sharpie because you get to write all over the walls as you wait for your food to come.

Have the best time! We will be there for a couple days before New Years.

Noel and Axel

BoLA said...

Mmm... I remember strolling along the Parisian streets and passing a lovely truffle shop. DElicious! Hot chestnuts from a street vendor were yummy too! Ooo... .and all the patisseries, chocolatiers and other sweet treats!

boody said...

You guys are traveling AGAIN????? AWESOME!!!!!!! Take me with you!!!!!!! hahah. So lucky, you two. Have fun!!!!! I don't know much about Paris, but thanks for the free songs!!! weeeee!!!!

jimmy reds said...

Hey friend, i am a mexican chef that just came back from working in paris and seeing your interest in food i suggest to places you have to definitely visit in paris. The First is restaurant Le Pere Claude, located 51 Avenue de la Motte Picquet 75015 Paris. Tel. 0147340305 That has an amazing pork dish that includes big thick bacon, feet, sausage and red blood pudding over potatoe and carrot puree.
The second one is a noodles restaurant called happy nouilles. 95 rue Beaubourg 75003 PARIS
Tél :
For me they are the best around paris, and i think you should try them because you are an expert, i am just an amateur noodles, here in mexico there are not a lot.
Greetings my friend. Next time you are in mexico, let me know. From a fellow foodie mate in Puebla...

One Food Guy said...

I'm a fan of the crepe stands along the street behind the Cathedral Notre Dame. Nutella, cheese, ham and egg, all delicious!

t r a n g said...

Thanks for the songs. It's like getting a mix tape every so often:) Can't wait for your post about Paris. Hope you and Oishii Eats have good time.

joshB said...

La Ferrandaise was excellent (go for the crispy calfs head if it's on the menu):
8 Rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris, France

e d b m said...

Thank you everyone for the Paris recommendations. Unfortunately due to the snowstorms in Europe, we had to postpone our trip to Paris for a later date. Sad.

BUT, we have decide to re-route our stomachs to Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian) and Morocco. Stay tuned!

Nicole said...

Go to the restaurant A La Tour Eiffel on the street Rue Du Commerce! It's absolutely divine, filled with locals! Order the chicken or the french onion soup!

Tryabreathmint said...

THANK YOU for sharing the playlist. I enjoyed it immensely

Tryabreathmint said...

THANK YOU for sharing your playlist, I've enjoyed it immensely!

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