Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pliny the Younger - The Philosopher Has Arrived Again

Pliny the Younger

For any beer enthusiasts out there, this is a good week. Russian River Brewing Company announced the release of this limited, American/Triple IPA masterpiece known as "Pliny the Younger". Not the elder version, for there are more hops and only brewed once a year. Word is that you can find it at some of my favorite beer bars:

Verdugo Bar, Glassell Park
Blue Palms, Hollywood
Father's Office, Culver City
Library Alehouse, SaMo

and also, at the newly opened, Surly Goat in West Hollywood, also a child of Verdugo Bar's Ryan Sweeney. Stop in for this beer, guaranteed to be a tapped keg in a few days. Here's a review on Beer Advocate. I personally find this beer to be a 36-24-36 kind of beer.


Food GPS said...

Pliny the Younger is available tonight at 7 PM at Verdugo Bar, tomorrow at 7 PM at The Daily Pint, Tuesday at 4 PM at Library Alehouse, and next Wednesday night at Blue Palms. Enjoy. I sure will.

e d b m said...

Josh, actually verdugo bar tapped out in one hour last night. With surly goat tapping out shortly after. I think my friends drank an 1/8th of it. Try my luck at blue palms next week. Thanks for the info.

Food GPS said...

Pliny the Younger tapped out in an hour?! Sounds like the appropriate reaction. Can't wait to try it this year.

e d b m said...

Josh, yeah man! I only got to taste 0.3 oz. It was some of the 0.3 oz of beer i've had in a while ha.

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