Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Pig & The Butcher

The Pig & Butcher

Warning: Video isn't for everybody.

A reader (thank you Saori) sent me this poignant, yet powerful video of a butcher and his pig. It's shot beautifully and laced with the moving sounds of one of my favorite groups, Kings of Convenience. I thought this was done very well.


Carolyn Jung said...

I think everyone needs to realize where their food comes from. I remember once when I was the food writer at a newspaper, a woman called to complain that we ran a photo of a pig on a spit at an Oakland Raiders tailgate party. She thought it was vulgar looking. I thought, "Um, where exactly do you think pork comes from, ma'am?'' We're so conditioned to buying cut-up pieces of protein all neatly wrapped in plastic that we forget it all came from real, whole animals. The art of eating is not as tidy and simple as we would like to think. But if we can treat our food with respect, we shouldn't be chastised for it.

e d b m said...

Hi Carolyn, I'm with you on that. In America, we're too used to seeing the final, shiny product in the market. Also, a lot of countries look at the way Americans dispose of 'unusable' animal parts.

Merinitta said...

Thank you for the link. The video was beautifully done.

aarn said...

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