Thursday, October 22, 2009

Le Club de Grub - A Concept for those Bored with Their Lunch

Le Club de Grub

Lunch time is an interesting time of the day at work. You can tell who's really into food and who's eating for the pure sake of sustenance. I know exactly what my coworkers like to eat because I see them eating the same thing almost every day. Well not every day, but enough to generate a pattern. Some are happy, some don't look happy. This person likes making gigantic salads in a large glass bowl. This person only eats sandwich and fries. This person eats a lot of last night's pasta. I'm hardly in the kitchen eating unless I've brought some home cooked food. Other than that, I'm out and about trying different things. I've decided it's time to sexy up my coworkers lunch by introducing them to places I enjoy near where we work. You can only eat so much of the downtown Culver City area I call the Culver City Corporate Cafteria.

So I started Le Club de Grub. We would try a different restaurant every four weeks and really try to educate people on food. I'd like to show them there's more to life than chicken, wraps and potato chips. Zzzzz. I'm still thinking about the induction process... maybe have them snort a fat line of wasabi? haha.

Le Club de Grub

The first place we're going to eat at is Santouka, which makes a fine bowl of ramen. 3 hours later, I am a bit overwhelmed by the response. "Santouka, do you take reservations???"

LCDG Santouka

A few of the places on the list are Mariscos Chente, a plethora of Koreatown places, Indian and Ethiopian. We're blessed with good food in our wonderful city of Los Angeles – and it's a kind gesture when you can direct people to a good meal. If I made them smile just for that few hours, then I've done my job. Thanks for reading and start up your own Grub Club!


Daily Gluttony said...

I SO hear you on this. Some of my coworkers are not so adventurous. Their idea of stepping out was going to a B-rated establishment. They've been making strides them to try pho & ramen.

weezermonkey said...

I would totally join your Grub Club if I worked with you.

I've not been at my current job that long, but people already know me as "the girl who really likes to eat."

EatTravelEat said... only if my school had restaurants come by to serve food! Lots of people are very afraid of trying out things that are normal to them.

Nice name for the club by the way :). So fancy!

e d b m said...

DG, haha nice. I think pho and ramen are baby steps in this foodie transformation process. I don't think they are quite ready for the live octopus treatment in Koreatown. Or anything in Eddie's fridge.

Weezer, I like that you're the "girl who really likes to eat". Which area are you in? Oh we saw your brother at Thom Yorke with Aziz. Those two are like peanut butter & jelly.

ETE, thanks. Which school?

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