Friday, August 21, 2009

Sundays at The Verdugo Bar, Glassell Park

Verdugo Bar

My favorite beer bar in Glassell Park has been doing a Sunday summer thing. Every Sunday at 1 pm, there's beer, BBQ, beats and boredgames. If you haven't been here and enjoy beer, get ready to fall over and passout. This place is a regular meet up for the beer geeks of Beer - a collective of twenty-forty something men chatting about beer.

Verdugo Bar


weezermonkey said...

Oh, man. I heart your "to go" photo. Good stuff.

Fred Abercrombie said...

Well, what'd you have?

I see a Bourbon County Stout down on the bottom shelf .. gotta try it if you haven't already. Like chocolate-espresso-bourbon motor oil. In a very, very, good way.

vuong said...

You must seriously try

Pho Tau Bay Ltt Restaurant
3610 W 1st St
Ste C
Santa Ana, CA 92703
(714) 531-6634 --
beats the stuff st tai ho


vuong said...

You MUST try this with the Banh cuon.
"Sometimes, a drop of cà cuống, which is the essence of a giant water bug, Lethocerus indicus, is added to the nước chấm for extra flavor, although this ingredient is scarce and quite expensive." ...
Yes essence of water bug...delish.

Anonymous said...

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