Thursday, March 19, 2009

Engrish #1: Chinatown Duck & Fish

I love the site and I thank them for the many laughs it has provided. Japan is full of quirkiness and many times, the signage is intentionally created for god knows what reason. But what about my Chinese people, I don't think their intentions are to make you laugh. They just want you to get in to their restaurant, sit down, shut the hell up and eat. And they don't care if any of that English really makes sense. To the printing presses, who is proofreading??? What is the rush to print these menus/signage out, that you can't even look over it once??? Send it to me, I'd do it for FREE so that we don't add more fuel to the already mile-high fire.

Here are the latest ones I've found in Chinatown.

Engrish Chinatown Lobster

Is it really that SPECLAI? How is that you spell it correctly first, then completely re-order the last 3 letters of the word? This ad does not boost the self esteem of this already-doomed $10 lobster.

Engrish Chinatown Duck

I would be sore too if I saw how my life was fated at this restaurant. Notice how the manager had blocked out the prices, because they are cash typos. But he doesn't bother correcting any Engrish. Whoever designed this poster should also get a spanking – it looks like the fish and duck corpses are on vacation in Tahiti. Why does the fish look like one of those painted Asian fans? It also looks like it's wearing some sort of headband from an injury. Probably from banging into the glass of a 10 gallon tank that contains over 100 fish. I also like how the duck looks like it's taking off like Mary Poppins, holding a plate of his chopped up comrade. Haha, the absence of webbed feet are funny too.

And here's an oldie but a goodie. Leave it up to the Koreans for an offer you can't refuse on Thanksgiving... $6.99 for ROBSTER. I'd take lobster with kimchi and gravy on it anyday. Mmm!

I have a feeling this will become a regular section on my blog. So, please feel free to send any you find and I'll post them up. Not limited to Asians, although we rule the world in Engrish. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I am really jealous! You have such cheap lobsters. Our lobsters are expensive.

Princess said...

It gets better as you take walks deeper into any of the 3 Chinatowns we have in NYC. I'll be emailing you one that my sister in law took in Flushing near the garbage receptacles beautifully translating the kind request for everyone to please "Do Not LITTLE." Ahhh the beauty of living in NYC and being able to laugh your ass off. Sending it very soon...

Christine D. said...

"I also like how the duck looks like it's taking off like Mary Poppins, holding a plate of his chopped up comrade."

lol! Funny post. If I see any engrish around here, I'll send you a pic.

EatTravelEat said...

What a great laugh! But some make sense. That Sore Fish looks really sore and sad in the photo!

My biggest great laugh while travelling would be at the Great Wall in Badaling (China). They messed up the r with f, so what was supposed to say Beer, Water, and Camera became Beef, Watef, and Camefa!

JF said...

I always wanted to start a non profit organization to assist in proofreading signs/menus/posters before they went to press. They could donate by the correction. Then I think...I'd miss all the entertainment value that Engrish brings to my life.

Anonymous said...

I recently had the following conversation:
Me: I'd like to order the Love Boat
Him: The Rot Boat?
Me: No, The Love Boat
Him: Rot Boat?
Me: You know, sushi...The Love Boat
Him: Raidy, would you please speak Engrish! :o)

e d b m said...

My Taste Heaven, we don't carry lobsters. Only robsters. There is a difference ha.

PrincessYA, thank you so much for the jpeg. I'll let you know if/when I put it up!

ChristineD, thanks! It's easier than you think.

EatTravelEat, haha, love the Beef/Watef/Camefa. Sure, i'll take one of each.

JF, haha, great idea. I'll tell you this though, you'll be super busy.

Jill, yikes, I just got seasick.

SinoSoul said...

aight - i gotta defend the Koreans. obviously there is NO distinction between the "R" and "L" sound in the Korean alphabet. granted, if they knew how to spell correctly, it would've been a d'frent story but...

Anonymous said...

I once saw a menu in Thailand that had Mongo Juice on it (instead of mango). I don't know if that's funny to you, but in Sweden "Mongo" is slang for Down's Syndrome. It's so cruel, I know, but soooo funny.

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