Friday, March 20, 2009

The Boiling Crab, Alhambra - Redux

Boiling Crab Alhambra Redux

On Sunday night, my new family and I sat back in our seats in relief and satisfaction. We were at Boiling Crab, and examined the aftermath of our seafood genocide. Our hands sticky with sauce and spices; the outer edges of our lips slightly burnt from the slight heat. On a large piece of white butcher paper lay the remains of the insects of the sea. Shrimp completely stripped of its natural clothing, crab shell pieces smashed like a car in an accident and tiny crawfish severed at the midpoint. It was in fact, a battle scene the insects of the sea had no chance of winning. But they were doomed to begin with the second they entered The Boiling Crab in Alhambra. These guys are either boiled, steamed or deep fried. From there, they are lathered in your choice of sauce – the whole garlicky, lemony, spiceful, buttery sha-bang in our case. And finally, tossed into a plastic bag and shaken up till they are painted a new color. Oysters, catfish, gumbo – are also on the menu but not what they are known for.

When we first opened the bag, you couldn't see much but orange objects, yellow corn and brown sausage slices. But the smell, man... I suddenly remembered what a lovely ingredient garlic is. Name one thing with butter, garlic, wine and spices that tastes bad – sans the whole Olive Garden menu. I reached in first to grab my first shrimp. I removed the head and went straight for the brain, the sweetest part of the bugger in my opinion. Then I cleaned off all the sauce on its arthropodic body. And after removing the shell, I took that shrimp back to Garlicville for a night on the town. Damn. That. Was. Tasty. We looked at each other and nodded – oil all over our hands and mouth.

When the waitress cleaned up our table and handed us the bill, I had to ask:

Me: "Do you sell this sauce?"
BC: "No."
Me: "You should bottle it up and sell it."
BC: "Yeah. Just come back again!"
Me: "I know. But for now, may I have two plastic bags please?"

Like my mom from Hong Kong would do or Asian for that matter haha, I dumped all that sauce back into plastic bags. I do not usually do this, but I have finally found an exception. Even at one point, extending my arms up so that I can push out all the sauce from the large bags. Jeni's mom laughed. But I didn't, I had serious game face on. I don't joke around when it comes to sauce like this. Afterwards, we quickly went to 99 Ranch to buy a pound of shrimp. I went home and threw them right into the Boiling Crab marinade. I swore I hear the shrimp scream, "Yayyyyyyyyyyyy" – they continued to scream and cheer until I tied up the bag.

The next day, all I could think about was my shrimp. I brushed my teeth twice, but I still smelled 'Le Cologne de Garlique'. I would look at the time and countdown. Ok, 4 more hours till it's on. Almost time for Boiling Crab Redux.

Boiling Crab Alhambra Redux

I even bought some fresh corn and found some Trader Joe's chicken sausages – threw them into the sauce party. There was major happiness going on in there.

Boiling Crab Alhambra Redux

I threw maybe 8-10 scoops of garlic sauce onto the sausages and corn but reserved the rest for the main event. Versus boiling the shrimp, I decided to take it to another level by doing it Hawaiian style. I cooked the shrimp no longer than 4-5 minutes total since they were so large. My only complaint with BC is that the shrimp were overcooked. But that's ok, the sauce more than made up for it. These shrimp tasted awesome and I think the shrimp trucks of Hawaii or Uncle Moki's might have something to aspire to now. Boiling crab, thank you. And thanks for reading.

The Boiling Crab
742 W. Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91803
(626) 576-9368

A review of the Garden Grove, OC location by super-foodie & poet, Elmomonster.


Aliiiiiiiiice said...

That is so friggin child-of-YeLLow immigrants that it's not even funny.

Oh wait. It IS.

Oishii Eats said... forgot to mention how my mama brought all her gear...crab crackers and freegin kitchen scissors! Where is the Boiling Crab post? I want to see the mess!

H. C. said...

Ha! Nice way to get a two-fer out of one Boiling Crab outing.

e d b m said...

Aliiiiiiice, yeah it is haha. anything embarrassing/funny your parents used to do?

OE, that was a SOLID move on your mom's part haha. Her equipment was better than BC's, that's for sure. Writing about Boiling Crab again would be very broken-recordish.

H.C., bad economy + asian = unique, thrifty plan for double meal haha.

anh said...

OMG, I thought I was the only one who does that!!! Love this site, thanks for the laughs =)

glutster said...

Asians and Mexicans alike--I ate for like two weeks after that Bizarre Foods Shoot at Soon-Dae. They ordered everything off the menu and only took like two bites.

So there, I was, on the bus going back home, with a bag of assorted Korean sausages on each hand.

ha, ha.

Pepsi Monster said...

Hey D,

Whose camera did you used, yours or Jenni's? Silly question only because I saw the photo of Jenni using her DSLR at another post. I went to this particular Boiling Crab three times and never took a picture because I didn't want the garlic smell on the camera and lenses. Plus the accidental "debris" from the food was what I feared.

Please tell me you got your baby wrapped up in a plastic bag. LOL

BTW, no Dungeness Crab?

e d b m said...

Anh, hello. Yeah right, it's in our genes.

Glutster, hola chico. You brought back the soondae sausages? That's great.

Diet Pepsi, we both share the cameras, this was Canon 5d. Haha, i know how you feel about the garlic contacting the camera. We made sure to do all the shooting BEFORE the bludgeoning happened. Yeah we got the Dung Crab and Crawfish were SO TINY, wasn't worth all the work.

Mark M. said...

Was just here last week with Nite and Miranda. Good times. Crustaceans are good, but I find myself fantasizing about their catfish & chips.

elmomonster said...

Aw shucks, thanks! I'm fattered, I mean flattered. BTW, I saw the the L.A. episode of No Reservations again...THIS TIME IN HD!!!

Passionate Eater said...

You bring shame onto the Asian name. A real Asian would have brought his/her own Ziploc bags and gallon containers to store that lovely juice, and not waste a drop since Boiling Crab's bags have more surface area, and thus more waste!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Mark, I saw quite a few people ordering the catfish & fries. Good batter? Not dry?

Elmo, did you see my nosehairs???

PEater, I am truly sorry, my Asian race, she is right. I did not come equipped with my own ziplock bag haha. The real thing to do is not even drain the bag, but PUT THE WHOLE BAG in your own ZIPLOCK bag.

Mark M. said...

No, bro! Great texture and flavor. Not really much of a batter, either. More like a nice dusting. And the fries are pretty sick!

Nanciful said...

Just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog!

I was so enthralled with my food at Boiling Crab that I didn't even realize I was elbow deep in the sauce and my shirt has soaked up all the garlicky goodness. I washed the shirt 3 times and couldn't get out the smell.

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