Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lucky Baldwin's 10th Belgian Beer Festival 2009 - Cheapest Flight to Belgium.

Lucky Baldwin's Pasadena Belgian Beerfest

Something happens to the 210 freeway every February-March. Just when you think you're heading to San Fernando or towards Azusa, you may suddenly find yourself in an area completely opposite to the Pasadena area. Greeeeeeen hills, blue skies and a sign that says Brussels. Why? Because you're in Belgium now, home to my hero, Jean Claude Van Damme. Besides the "Muscles from Brussels", double-fried fries and wine-cooked mussels, Belgians make some of the best beers in the world. Not to mention, some of the strongest. Lucky Baldwin's, a British pub in Old Town Pasadena, holds an annual Belgian beer festival. Saving you $1,000 on the flight alone!

Lucky Baldwin's Pasadena Belgian Beerfest - Chimay

From now till Saturday, March 7th, you can try over 50+ juicy Belgian beers. Taster glasses start at $4, full glasses at $7 and LB's also offers a festival glass for $10 – you keep the glass and if you bring it back, all your full glasses will be $6. Thanks for observing the state of the economy and our needs for delicious beer!

Last time I was here, I saw a lot of people taking notes on the Belgian beers they liked on napkins. I did the same and lost it after my 6th beer. I've gone through the trouble to ensure you have a good time here. Trust me, you'll probably be looking for these beers at stores after you've had some. Click on the image to download the PDF.

2009 Lucky Baldwin Belgian Beerfest

My beer connoisseur friend, Sloejams, may not have food in his fridge. But he does know beer. Here are some of his recommendations.

Sloejam's Belgian Picks
Leifmans Goudenband, 9% ----- sour
Urthel Hop It, Urthel
St. Bernardus ABT 12, St. Bernardus
Avec les Bon Voeux, 9% Dupont
Affligem Noel, 10% Affligem ----- Christmas (obviously)

Sloejam's Beginner Picks
Popperings Hommelbier, 8% Van Eecke
Mannekin Pis, Lefebvre
Avril Biere de Table, 3.5% Dupont
St. Bernardus Witbier, 5% St. Bernardus
KWAK, 8% Bosteels

ED&BM Picks
Delirium Tremens, 9% Huyghe
McChouffe, 8% D'Achouffe
Piraat, 9% Van Steenberg
St. Bernardus ABT 12, St. Bernardus
St. Feuillien Triple, 8% St. Feuillien

Good thing Sloejams is recommending some beginner picks, because you definitely don't want to start out your day with a 12% beer – especially if you're 100 lbs. and hungry. Won't be pretty. Sorry for the delayed downloading site. No other way to host a PDF. Thanks for reading and drink responsibly – make sure there's food in the stomach!

Lucky Baldwins
17 South Raymond Avenue
Old Towne Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 795-0652


mattatouille said...

Christine just sent me a link to this. I think we will go often.

Anonymous said...

and by often i hope he means we're going to get some good wear on that festival glass til march 7th. ohhh snappp...oh how i heart belgium brews. this post made my morning :)

:: Fred said...

So are you going to post your checked, noted, and beer-stained list when this is all through?

Highly recommend the St. Bernardus Abt 12. So good it's hard to try anything else. If you do, the Gouden Carolus is dark 'n tasty, too. But it really packs a wallop.

Not that that's a bad thing.

Pepsi Monster said...

Funny thing. I might be going to this on Friday. Hmmm...I'll let you later on what my score is. LOL

e d b m said...

Mattachoiuillesauce, consider the Metro so you don't have to drive. It's fun being buzzed on the train. enjoy!

DERF, my norcal beer connoisseur. Love ABT 12.

Pepsizilla, you should blog your experience after your 8th Belgian. no correcting typos.

Pepsi Monster said...

Aww man, I don't need to be drunk as my previous post proves it. LOL

Oh, the St. Bernardus ABT 12, St. Bernardus has some strong foul odor. hahaha

Az_Indian_Frank said...

What a Super way to spend the evening at The Annual Belgium Beer Fest! I have 2 shirts already.

I miss my friends there at LB's. Catherine and the gang. Jason, Clayton and gang. Especially miss the Fish and chips.

Thanks for the Belgium Beer Menu, I'll use it as a guide here in Phx. Please send comments about what Belgium beers you think I may like.


e d b m said...

AzIndianFrank, if you list a few of the beers you do like, I can ask my friend to provide you with a list that'll get you smashed. regards.

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