Sunday, February 08, 2009

Diana, Lisel & Martha - The Jewels of New York

Diana & Lisel of The Jewels of New York on Martha Stewart

I'd like to congratulate Diana & Lisel on landing a segment on Martha Stewarts show. You can check out the video on Martha's site. Long story short, Diana & Lisel were making cookies for a bake sale and the producers of Martha happened to be there too. They tasted their cookies and next thing they know, they are teaching Martha how to make cookies. Congrats on this awesome opportunity. Cookies are available here at The Jewels of New York. Thanks for reading.

Valentine's Heart Cookies by The Jewels of New York

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boody said...

Psssstt!!!! Your link's busted! =)

UGH! I really want to meet Martha! I should make it happen. haha.

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