Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Father's Office II, Culver City - The Sang Yoon Bleu Cheese Burger Legacy Continues

Father's Office II Culver City

Sequels. Usually a thing that's hit or miss. Karate Kid. Police Academy. Die Hard. Van Dumb & Steven Segal movies... you either love them or you hate them. And a big can of worms is opened with various opinions. With all the talk over the last year about Father's Office opening a second location, the question isn't whether or not it'll be better than the Santa Monica location... the question is "when the f*ck is it actually opening?" And finally, after god knows how long, Chef Sang Yoon has opened up chapter 2 in his restaurant career with Father's Office II this week, located in the Helms Bakery Building in Culver City, or to foodies, as CuCi. I myself, call it Construction City, because things never seem to get done here thanks to Cal Trans.

At exactly 5:07 pm, my coworker RM, Jeni and I quickly turned on to Helms Avenue. It was only the 2nd day of the grand opening and we eagerly stuck our heads out the window to see if there were herds of people outside. And.... NO! No ridiculous Best Buy line-around-the-building crap.

We walked up and were given a warm welcome by the door man. Yes, a door man. "Welcome to Father's Office." Once we walked in, it was immediately understood why this establishment had taken so long to open. It's with Chef Yoon's careful planning, immaculate design and pure passion and craft that make Father's Office an experience of its own. In front of us stood the bar, made out of beautifully, lacquered wood. Behind, we saw about 35+ taps on both the left and right side of the back wall, making it a total of 70+ taps ready to imbibe us with goodness. All the bartenders and servers wore black t-shirts with a simple "F.O..." graphic. Why there are thought dots... I don't know. Maybe a breath of relief that it's finally opened?

Father's Office II Shirt

Father's Office II Bar1

Father's Office II Draft

35+ Delicious Choices of Beer
Chef Yoon is definitely a beer connoisseur, or in proper form, a cerevisaphile. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I slowly studied the various taps from left to right. Most I have heard of, yet it's still amazing to see all this godsend in one place.

Father's Office II Bar3

Non-Beer Items
In addition to beer, Chef Yoon has a liking for tequilas, whiskies and gin – further proof that Koreans love to drink. If you look carefully between the shelves, you'll see what looks like a digital indicator. He's got humidifying fans installed above the bottles so that each spirit rests in an optimum level for your enjoyment.

Father's Office II Bar2

Father's Office II Beer1

Delirium Tremens, one solid Belgian beer.

Father's Office II Beer3

Inversion IPA. Never heard of it, but tasted great.

Father's Office II Beer2

Hitachino Classic Ale. A solid Japanese beer made in Hitachi, Japan, the same city as the major electronics brand.

Father's Office II Smoked Eel

Smoked Eel with Poached Egg
Yes, all everyone talks about is the Bleu Cheese burger at FO, but what about the lonely, neglected stepchildren on the menu... like the Smoked Eel with Poached Egg. Man, I love this dish. First off it's smoked and it has my most favorite ingredient in the world, eggs. I poked the poached egg with the tine of my fork and watched the yolk slowly ooze out like a premature volcano. I mixed the thinly sliced red onions, poached egg with the horseradish/creme fraîche and cut a piece of the eel. The eel actually required me to use a knife to cut through it, a sign that the fish had great texture. I love this dish. It's a perfect balance of smokiness, temperature and texture. *high-5* Sang Yoon.

Father's Office II Lamb Skewers

Lamb Skewers with Roasted Eggplant and Radicchio
My vegan coworker RM ordered this. Which doesn't make any sense, but he in general, doesn't make a lot of sense at all. Anyway, loved this dish as well. I could taste cayenne, paprika, cumin and oregano... very Mediterranean. The lamb was so fresh that it didn't have any gameyness to it. If you told me it was beef after about 6 beers, I'd believe you.

Father's Office II Yam Fries

Yam Fries "A La Cart"
Yet another food pun. But what a great dish it is. These taste better than a lot of the yam fries I've eaten in Koreatown cafes. Nicely seasoned with a side of Cabreles Bleu Cheese aioli. *High-5 Sang Yoon*

Father's Office II Burger1

Father's Office Bleu Cheese Burger
One time at the Santa Monica FO, my friend and I argued over how many burgers FO sells in one day. In about one hour starting at 12 pm, we saw nearly 30 orders go out. And it wasn't even busy at all. Any idea how many they sell in a day at the new location? My guess is 400 on an average day. 400 x $12 = $4,800. *High-5 Sang Yoon*

Father's Office Sang Yoon

And how does the FO sequel pan out? I think it's going to be one of the biggest profiters in Culver City. FO2 is larger, offers more beer and is located at the right place at the right time, when Culver City is booming as a culinary pit-stop in Los Angeles. Next question for Chef Sang Yoon, will there be a 3rd sequel in the near future? And also Sang Yoon, can you add wireless to FO2 so that I could tell Jeni that I'm not actually drinking beer and working at The Office? She'll believe me.

If you find yourself waiting in a long line at FO2 on the weekend, try and stop by Sue Moore's tasty lamb-casing, beef and pork sausages. Check out Jeni's posting on FO2, on why her father thinks that good girls shouldn't drink beer.

Father's Office II
3229 Helms Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 815-9820


Anonymous said...

If I can ever make it out to the new location, I definitely have to try more of the menu besides the burgers--the smoked eel sounds incredible.

Also, Deschutes Brewery makes the Inversion IPA and you can find that at BevMo if you've got one near you. They also make a great porter.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is try the ribs and the sobrasada. Or the goat cheese gratin. MMMMMMMMM.

Anne said...

Damn D! You have some MAD photo skills.....these are gorgeous...all shiny and new. That eel has my name all over it. We should make something with that smoked uni and put a runny egg on top......base should be crunchy bread......oh yeah.

Food, she thought. said...

You take some fantastic photos. Kudos to you for taking the time and the patience to make it such an art form!

I wish they would do an east side Father's, er..Office. I suppose given time and downtown development...

monkey_see said...

I remember a while back we had a conversation on the HUMONGOUS burger.

Well I found the POLAR OPPOSITE of F.O. and I believe a much better burger. Deep in the city of Bellflower there lies a joint called BIG MIKES. And BIG it is.

Each patty is half a pound and cooked to perfection. I'm sure he'll cook it to your liking if you like. Plus it has a Hot Link for added flavor.

He's got a DOUBLE BIG MIKE burger that is a heart attack waiting for a victim. He also serves tri-tip and bar-b-cue ribs cooked on the outdoor grill.

Warning - this is an OLD SKOOL burger joint. NO beer, NO table service and NO attitudes. ;)

17845 Clark Ave. Bellflower CA.
562 866-6967

Best to order 15 to 20 minutes in advance! There is a lil mike burger for those that prefer a quarter pound patty.

Anonymous said...

That place looked like a lot of fun on the inside! Not only that..the food looked deliiicious, especially that burger! Thanks for the review.

Bon Vivant said...

OMG, the smoked eel with poached egg looks amazing! I have to try it!

As much as I like the FO Burger, when I tasted the Moroccan Spiced Olives I knew Yoon was a genius - I've never tasted anything so perfect in my life.

Good beer is a way of life.

Family of Food said...

I think I like you. I ran across your blog on Digg and it inspires me. Plus... I work in Culver City, so I have a new restaurant to try.


Anonymous said...

i am dissaponted in the burger its nothing to rave about but i did try the best burger in the city at the village idiot on melrose with and awsome somked cheddar and a pickeld red onion relish mmmmm village idiot

e d b m said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I'm on a non-burger quest at FO right now. I tried the olives w/ some sauce the other night and it was supertasty. Also, for any Craftsmen fans, the White Sage beer is now available – beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love these pics of Father's Office II. Did you take them?

I'm the Art Director of Where Los Angeles and am interested in purchasing one or two from the man/woman behind the camera. Lemme know!

DanGarion said...

Wow your pictures are so good. What type of camera are you using to take those? I'm looking for one to take with me when I do my reviews.

But after seeing those pictures I know it's not just the camera you really have an eye for the shot. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than belgian beer and some french fries. Great photos!

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Anonymous said...

Went there about 3 months ago had an unreal burger-bit better than what im used to in Kumi City;) The fries were delicious. I dont drink beer but they guys I was with drank what they called Sidecars. I know these are typical guy's drinks, but move over gents, this Korean LOVED THEM! Big Fan;)))

Los Angeles office said...

No place like Father's Office after work on a Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog~

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