Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Foodie's List of Important Numbers

The other day my friend called to ask me about a restaurant's food. I told her about it and she ends the conversation by saying "ok thanks, i'll give them a call. i'll find the number online." But I interjected and said, "no hold on... I have their number on my phone!" She said, "WTF?" Only a true foodie will have restaurant numbers programmed into their cellphones. Sometimes you need to make an emergency reservation, sometimes you just can't wait to eat. These are the numbers I have in my cellphone. I have no friends but now people think I do when they see the contact list count haha.

(1) Golden Deli Vietnamese - for a while, my friends and I were going there every week. But because this place does so well, they sometimes take a vacation without much warning.

(2) Musha, Torrance - this japanese izakaya serves up some great tapas and keeps the waterfalls of alcohol pouring. This is always a fun place to have group dinners but beware of the wait. They don't take reservations past 7 pm so call for 6:45 pm!

(3) Tom's #5 - this is a hole-in-the-wall place near my work that I frequent because of their $2.95 breakfast deal. It's so gross and greasy but so good. 3 eggs, 3 bacon, hash and 2 pieces of toast. $2.95 out of the wallet; 295 cholesterol points for the body.

(4) Yuca's - do not come here on the weekend. It's utter disaster. You'll feel like you're at the DMV. This past weekend I made the bright decision of coming here at 1 pm, when Angelenos love to have their brunch. I made a call about 20 minutes before I go to Yuca's and found myself waiting another 15 minutes outside with the other 30 patrons. But sometimes, the best things come to those that wait.

(5) Shin Sen Gumi Hakata Ramen - I come here so often that the cooks/waiters have stopped giving me the high decibel greeting. I don't know why I programmed them in my phone because I know exactly when they close. Maybe this is just a way to increase my contact list count.

Ok spill the cannelli beans, who do you guys have programmed in your phone? I can't be the only pig in this city of food bloggers, chowhounders and epicureans.


BoLA said...

Hahah... I've got 1) Girasole; 2) Leda's Bakeshop; 3) Sasabune; 4) Twin Dragon. - in alpha order. LOL!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

hey bola, what kind of food is it? except #3.

r a m e n i a c said...

i have the hungry cat and totoraku ^_~!

Daily Gluttony said...

haha, good one. i have sushi komasa (b/c they do take reservations for weekdays) and one of my favorite restaurants of all time, skaf's lebanese grill in north hollywood. i worked walking distance from skaf's and when we called in our order ahead of time, they had a table waiting for us with our food on it! they rock!!!

oddlyme said...

Fortune Inn - so I can call in a yummy order to go.
Fosselman's - so's I don't drive all the way over there and find out that they are closed! Also to see what their specials are that night.

BoLA said...

Hey EDnBM!
1) Delicious Italian on Larchmont. Very cute and intimate restaurant. BYOB, no corkage.
2) Leda's Bakeshop - had to call for directions from the 101. Baby cupcakes so sweet - just minutes away from work.
3) All time favorite. Need to go at least once a month or every other month. ;)
4) Chinese on the go. I call ahead to satisfy family cravings.

One Food Guy said...

I'm with you. My phone is filled with restaurant numbers, even places I've never been to. You never know when you might want to make a last minute rese. I hear you! When I switched phones last year, the guy doing the number transfer came to me and said, "um, it's going to be a while. I've never had to transfer this many numbers."

I'm a phone number pack rat and my Q is my attic, basement and garage.

s'kat said...

I use the evil cell phone only out of pure necessity, but a majority of the numbers on it are indeed restaurants... and a cheese shop (in two cities), a couple of wine shops and the direct line to the seafood and meat departments at my grocery store.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

haha, yes, it's nice to know that there are fellow gluttons that think alike.

j! said...

You should try 1-800-goog-411

It's Google's free 411 service and you tell it where and what you're looking for. After you get what you're looking for, you can say, "text message" and you'll get a text with the address and phone number.

Tre handy.

Jeni said...

I don't have any food numbers on my phone since I always use the free Google text service.

*Type in the restaurant and zip code and text it to Googl (46645) and Googl will hit you back!

Katt said...
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eatdrinknbmerry said...

J! & Jeni, google had made becoming gluttons much easier for us.

j! said...
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Michelle said...

Funny! I have a couple restaurants in my phone, and a couple numbers of restaurants that I haven't been to yet. (I am lazy about making reservations.) But I have recently discovered google text.

Bon Vivant said...

I' ve had Sanamluang on my mobile contacts list; 1. I cannot spell it so forget about finding it in the phonebook; and 2. operators can't spell it so they usually give you the number for the Salvation Army instead (true story).

Jonah Lee Walker said...

I would have to say, 1) Noodle City for the best Phó in town 2) Palm Thai for incredible Thai food and Kevin the Thai Elvis 3) The Curry House in Little Tokyo which I have been going to for years 4) Yingui Garden for amazing Sichuan food 5) Sushi Ike for some of the best Sushi in town, and so close to my house.

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