Friday, September 08, 2006

"5 Things to Eat Before You Die" Meme

I'm being tagged by the Le Creuset-Braising Stacey of Just Braise. It's funny, because only last week I was watching a National Geographic Special about global methods of legal punishment. In America, we have switched from the electric chair to lethal injections. I remember this episode quite clearly - a man was being put to death for murdering a woman in Texas. His last meal? Tex-mex tacos. And I thought to myself, that's it? This is the hardest thing for any foodblogger/epicurean to pin down. Here's my top 5 list of things to eat.

One - Black & White Truffles
These beautiful underground morsels of heaven come from France and Italy. They are found by specially-trained pigs and dogs and average a good $90 for a 1/2 lb. Pigs are no longer used for locating truffles because pigs, like humans, also enjoy eating truffles - the strong odor of the truffle is unappealing to dogs. My first experience with truffles was at Alan Wong's in Hawaii. It was at that restaurant that I decided I wanted to work part-time in a restaurant. During my time at the restaurant, I was eating good portions of truffles every week. To the point, that I got SICK OF THEM. Even the finest things in life can lose its value when overdone. You can put truffles on anything and it'll taste good. My recent dinner included the use of fine white truffle oil from France, that my catering boss had given to me - excellent and rich. What would I eat these with? It wouldn't matter - tacos, pizza, asian food.

Two - Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs Please
Since I'm going to die anyway, my cholesterol level really has no significance anymore. That brings me to the King of Cholesterol - eggs! I wouldn't have them served up in a giant skillet like the photo above, but I would probably want a good 50 egg whites and 25 yolks. Remember Denny's "Grand Slam" special? A combination of four different things including eggs, sausage, bacon, toast and something else. Anyway, when I was a kid, I used to make my own version of the "Grand Slam" - only with eggs though. I would eat up 4 sunny-side-up eggs in less than 2 minutes. I still love eggs to this day and my doctor can tell. Hard-boiled, scrambled, over easy - yes please!

Three - Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai Soup Noodles
I didn't start up my Noodle Whore site for nothing. I LOVE NOODLES! I eat some variation of noodles at least 4 times a week. I still have yet to try making Thai Boat noodles, Cha Shu ramen and Pho. Food in the San Gabriel Valley is so cheap anyway, it's almost not worth it to go and buy the ingredients. $4.25 a bowl? Very nice!

Four - Everything Anthony Bourdain Has Eaten
A few years ago, I refused to eat seafood and animal offals. Then I picked up his book, Kitchen Confidential, and watched his show, No Reservations. He inspired me. His mentality is that you haven't lived until you've tried everything. Also, if things are on a menu, there is an audience craving it. If you can't eat it, then it wouldn't BE ON THE MENU. Now, I have no fear in trying anything at a sushi restaurant, eating animal innards, etc. My wish is to follow his footsteps in his international travels and try everything he has.

Five - Café Mom & Eating with Friends
I put this last because it's the most important. If I don't live to eat truffles by the case, 50-egg omelettes, Asian soup noodles, or eat Bourdain-style, it's ok. You wouldn't be where you are now if you didn't have good parents and friends. Your parents feed you only the best. Most of us will take things for granted, but we'll appreciate them later on. Although we as foodbloggers/epicureans enjoy eating food, we use dining as a means of connection with friends, family and loved ones. Sure my mom's chicken corn soup or oxtail soup would never make it on the French Laundry menu, but it's food that is made with thought. And that can't be replicated. I don't mean to be sappy, but it's true. My last and most important meal would be with family and friends. If you get a chance, read Daily Gluttony's thoughts on family and food.

Thanks for reading.


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s'kat said...

Now that is an utterly fabulous and well-thought out list. I hope Mom gets a chance to see number 5!

Passionate Eater said...

I thought you didn't do memes! I was going to tag you for this one, but wasn't sure if you were the meme type. By the way, I love your black and white truffles choice!

Pirikara said...

Why hello! My buns have been busy in the steamer lately (i.e. I've been busy)... Haven't been able to post for a while... then I'm mindlessly surfing blogs and realize I've just been tagged! yeow! So wait, are these five things before you die be foods that could potentially make you die as well? Or is it just stuff that's really good but not common? Sorry for the silly question but my brain isn't working well atm.

stacey said...

great list. leaving truffles (and cheese) off my list was especially difficult. and i love how you take the liberty of just group a bunch of stuff! well done!

Chubbypanda said...

Snappy intro, good body, thoughtful conclusion. Excellent five course food for thought. =)

- CP

rickmond said...
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rickmond said...

f i was sentenced for execution and i could have anything for my last meal, there is but ONE thing i would want to eat.

nicely filet'd, rare-medium-rare, maybe blackened cajun style?

k said...

Nice list...I think food is as good a reminder as any for memories, thoughts and good times. I think that eating a good meal is just as satisfying and memorable as a picture. It's just a different sensory experience.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Thanks for the tag D! I finally got around to it..check it out if ya can!

BoLA said...

Eeek! You tagged me?! Ok, Ok, Ok... I promise to get to this meme soon... Have been really busy with grading papers, planning lessons, running meetings, etc. etc. etc. that my little BoLitA has been a little neglected. I hope to be more diligent with my blogging once the weekend rolls in!

Btw, I miss you and J. When's the next shindig?

Farmer de Ville said...

Ah, truffles. The season is on for white truffles right now in Oregon. And have yet to tire of their taste and aroma...


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