Monday, March 13, 2006

Waiting: A Nice Look at Corporate Craphole Restaurants

Last week, I rented Waiting from Netflix. I don't know if it's suitable for everyone, but working in the restaurant industry, I found it humorous. The movie is about a bunch of employees that work at a Bennigan's-type restaurant, named Shenanigans. The funny part of the movie is that it's shot 98% of the time in the restaurant, and you get a feel for what it's like to make $7 hr at TGIF or Red Robin. If you remember Chotchsky's from Office Space, this is sort of what it's like. You get the angry customers, jokester employees, foul-mouthed cooks and lowlife manager.

Things to pay attention to in the movie:

"The Game" - I can't stop laughing about this
Anything Dane Cook says - great comedian
The Busboys
What the cooks do to your food - if you're a nitpicking foodblogger, you deserve this

I seriously thought this would be a stupid movie b/c I don't like Ryan Reynolds or Justin Long, but they did a good job making me laugh. DO NOT THINK OF ME DIFFERENTLY if you dislike the movie haha.

My lesson to everyone: be nice to the people that serve your food.



BoLA said...

I'm always nice to my servers...kekeke! And leave a more than generous tip when the service is good. Hmm...Dane Cook. He's aiight. Saw him twice at the Laugh Factory with my girlfriend who's friends with his manager. Just uploaded his comedy routine on to my iPod. ;)

Kirk said...

Rule #1 - Never mess with the people who make your food.

Rule #2 - Never piss off the person who cuts your hair!

Among others. I thought Waiting was funny, coming from someone who worked in "the biz" at a very low level(if you only knew some of the things....) - but the wanna-be edgy "Clerks" thing was kinda weak. Except for "Naomi" I swear I used to work with her.....

rick james said...

not a big fan of the TGIF, Spoons, Applebees, Red Robin style restaurants ...

honestly, i couldn't tell you one menu from the other anyways. i'm thinking they're really all the same chain and some Harvard Grad MBA boy came up with the idea to market the same crapola under 10 different names to grab more market share... "well dear, we went to Spoons last week, lets go to Applebee's this week"... "that's a great idea"... duh.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

kristy, i do give more tip now too. i learned that most restaurants collect a tip pool and divide it amongst the servers, busboys & runners. so that extra $3 you're giving them is essentially a few cents for them. sucks. i've never seen dane cook live, only his clips on the internet. the guy is way too amped.

kirk, i watched Waiting maybe 3x's. where did you work? i read a review on netflix... someone was saying that he had worked in the chain restaurants and have seen almost everything that is seen in the movie. good thing i refrain from the corporate craphole restaurants. Clerks was better for sure. Oh god, the "Naomi" part haha.

dccf, your acronym is so similar to Death Cab For Cutie's (DCFC) - almost got it mixed up. i really don't think anyone in the foodblogosphere is really into those restaurants. to me, it seems like everything on the menu is tainted with bigname sauces like Jack Daniel'® or at least tossed in the fry-o-lator.

Kirk said...

Hi EDBM - As many people have done I worked at a "Chain" for 5 years while going to school, and was even a manager at one for a while. I also held 2 jobs at 1 Coffee House type place, and one Plate lunch "chain".

eatdrinknbmerry said...

A-ha... that's why you love the Locomoco plate so much.

Well as far as my menial career goes, I've worked at Coffee Bean & Diedrich's Coffee both during my UCI years. It was so sh*tty. I think i had ice blended mochas everyday, and since then i've only had about 3 b/c i'm so sick of it. Too much of anything is no good.

Daily Gluttony said...

i worked the serving line at UCLA's dorm cafeteria my first year in college. i want to forget that experience, but unfortunately, i will never forget it. =(

i have this movie on my netflix queue too!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Pam, that's all good. The thing about working at a UC campus was that it was tax-free right? And you only had to work a few hours a day. Too bad you didn't have your culinary skills back then, otherwise, those kids would be eating some good osso buco dishes haha.

Don't worry, I knew someone that worked at Del Taco. That sucks. haha.

Kirk said...

Hey EDBM - Sounds like we all have worked in Food in some form - it'll be fun talk about if we get together! Or maybe a Meme????? No, don't throw things at me!!!!!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Kirk, i don't know how to start the meme thing. Let's do it though, "Food-related jobs" - fun or horrible?

s'kat said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, too. The comment about all the chains looking so similar reminded me of a certain prank: TGIF Menu Switch

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