Thursday, March 16, 2006

Four Things Meme...

Yoony over at Immaeatchu recently tagged me with the Four Things Meme. Before that, I had no idea what the hell a meme was. Here goes:

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life in LA:
*art director (advertising)
*art director (advertising)
*pantry cook @ a DT LA restaurant
*cook for a catering company

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over And Over:
... not sure if they are about LA, but they are based in LA
*boogie nights (torrance and chatsworth)
*heat (downtown LA)
*swingers (hollywood?)
*that's all i can think of

Four Places I've Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories of Each):
*irvine - college years, memories of awful dorm food
*SGV - valley blvd. is indispensable. i would fall into depression if valley blvd. was wiped out
*west LA - i love sawtelle blvd.

Four Places I Would Vacation At In LA:
*palos verdes
*echo park/silverlake (yes, i don't mind)
*standard hotel either on sunset/dt la
*santa barbara

Four LA-Based Websites I Visit Sometimes:
*la weekly
*the food bloggers on my blogroll

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In LA:
*breakfast burrito without potatoes at Alberto's (chain)
*a heavenly bowl of pho from Golden Deli (san gabriel)
*shao loong bao dumplings from Ding Tai Fung (arcadia)
*dim sum (all over)

Four Places In LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:
*at my catering boss's place cooking
*my own kitchen
*eating outside of a restaurant on a nice, sunny day
*any dive bar @ 2 pm

Kristy of Best of LA
Jeni of Oishii Eats
Amy of Foodie Universe
Zteve of Gastrologica
Edwin of Elmomonster (just change it to OC)
Kirk of Mmm-Yoso (just change it to SD)


elmomonster said...

I thought I'd answer here for convinient reference!

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life in OC

1. Sandwich Maker in a deli (during High School)
2. Data Entry (during High School)
3. Disneyland Cast Member (High School and College)
4. Engineer

Four Movies About OC I would watch over and over?

I think there's one movie "Orange County" which I didn't think was very good. So I'll name four movies I'd watch over and over:

1. Aliens
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. The Incredibles
4. Tampopo

Four Places I've lived and food memories of each:

1. La Habra (Steak Nachos at the original Green Burrito)
2. Irvine (too many to name, but I'll say Nice Time Deli)

...hmm...that's it...never lived anywhere else.

Four Place I'd vacation at in OC

1. Disneyland (I'm just a Disney-freak!)
2. Laguna Beach (nice beaches)
3. Tustin (food town!)
4. Westminster (Viet food town!)

Four OC Based Websites I like to visit:

1. All those in my blogroll (and the ones not in OC too)
2. OC Weekly
3. Squeeze OC
4. OC Register

Four of my favorite foods found in O.C.

1. Karaage at Honda-Ya in Tustin.
2. Croissant Bread Pudding at Cafe Hiro in Cypress.
3. Banh mi at Banh Mi Che Cali in Westminster.
4. Carne Asada Nachos at Alertos in FV.

Four Places in OC I'd rather be right now? Hmm not many. OC's pretty tight. I'll name four places I'd rather be in the world!

1. New Zealand
2. On a cruise ship sailing somewhere.
3. Napa Valley
4. New York in the Fall.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Elmo, sorry i tagged you but was too busy to paste it on your page haha. please post on your page for ppl to see!

What did you do at Disneyland?

Steak Nachos??? I want that right now.
Nice Time Deli wasn't bad. I prefer A&J though. Do you eat there? Good chinese beef noodle soup.

Nice OC food choices.

Daily Gluttony said...

OK, I just have to say that I loooove the picture of that kid! Cracks me up!

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