Friday, February 24, 2006

SF Good Eats #3.5 - Meeting the Passionate Eater of SF

It was now 6 pm, and I found myself driving alone back from Napa Valley. Well, there were two other bodies in the car, but DY and Mei had passed the hell out after going to four wineries. Or wait, was it five? *shrug* On the last run, they didn’t even bother going in with me for the tasting. Anyway, I had to drive with the windows rolled down, iPod singing and cigarettes lit – anything to keep me up because I was still buzzed. I was falling asleep too and not about to pull over for a napster. I don’t know too many people that actually become more energetic after drinking wine. Beer is what does it for me.

We got back to the Mission around 6:30 and I had about an hour to get ready, because tonight I was meeting up with a fellow blogger for the first time. Being a daily reader of her blog, I had to meet the woman behind the honest, detailed and smartly written reviews about her food, and how it was involved in her life.

Me: “Hello?”
PE: “Yes, Hi. May I speak with Dylan?”
Me: “Speaking?”
PE: “Hello, Dylan. Am I calling at a bad time? This is ________, and you may also know me as the Passionate Eater.”
Me: “Oh hey. Jesus, why are you speaking so formally? I thought you were a telemarketer ready to sell me something? I was this close to hanging up haha.”
PE: “Oh, I’m sorry.”
Me: “So what are we eating tonight?”
PE: “I like Indian food.”
Me: “Likewise, you pick.”
PE: “See you at the Indian Oven at 7:30.”
Me; “I’m there.”

I jumped in the shower, buzzed. Ever take a shower when you’re buzzed? It feels great haha. After the shower, I was completely sober. Amazing. Anyway, I mapquested the Indian Oven Restaurant and headed out. Before we got off the phone, she asked what I was wearing. I was gonna tell her, “leopard skin mini skirt with white pumps and a blonde wig”, but she might’ve flaked out on me – thinking I was a complete freak.

7:25 pm. I got to the Indian Oven, and no sign of PE and her bf. I didn't expect her to hold up a sign with “Passionate Eater” on it or anything. I’ve never really met anyone on the Internet, so a million things ran through my head. Your brain automatically attempts to process the things you’ve read about a person, and develop somewhat of an image. When Best of LA and I met Daily Gluttony for the first time, she probably did the same. Every single person that walked by, I tried to fit them into my mental mold. People must’ve thought I had a staring problem.

But then a few minutes later, a young lady and a young man approached me quickly. And I knew it was her because she carried a cheery disposition that was reflective of her writing style, and well it was 7:30 pm. Put those two clues together, voila… Passionate Eater.

From the moment the three of us sat down, we talked and talked and talked. I think the waiter came to us twice to take our order and we waved him off. By the third time, we were ‘obligated’ to order. Lamb, tiki masala, naan, whatever, just order anything PE haha. “Ok, back to what I was saying about… “

I’m really glad that I’ve gotten into this food blogging hobby. I mean it’s really great to be a part of a community with common and SPECIFIC interests, like food. And I think we surprised each other with just how much we remembered and knew about each other through writings on food.

PE: "How's your finger?"
Me: "No, no. How's your finger?"

Me: "Were you exhausted after that Super Bowl Party you catered?"
PE: "Yeah, weren't you after your catering gig?"

We talked about other sites that we enjoyed reading. Talked about things we were going to cook next. Blah blah blah and more blah, blah, blah. I looked over at PE’s boyfriend and couldn’t help but think that he was bored to tears. It was now 9:30 pm and it was time to go. Otherwise, I would’ve had to carry PE’s boyfriend into the car.

Oh yeah, was the food good? Yeah it was good. I don’t have any pictures because I charged the batteries but forgot to put them in the camera. Genius. Luckily, PE’s boyfriend had one of those all-in-one phones and took a snapshot of the delicious Samosas and one of PE & me. Regardless, even if the food tasted like ass, it was still a great night of conversation and wine.

Here are some of her postings that I like:

Valentine's Day
Super Bowl Sunday

PE and PE’s boyfriend, nice meeting you.

If there’s a blogger you frequently read about, I’d encourage meeting up with him or her sometime. It’s fun, different and nice to meet the person behind the black, 8-pt text that you stare at all day long. If I'm ever in Singapore, I'm knocking on Jocelyn of Kuiadore's door for haute dining. J, is that okay?

Pam, Kirk, Yoony, Jeni and OC people (Elmo, Prof. Salt and MealCentric), name the date and time!

Thanks for reading.


Kirk said...

Hey EDBM - I'm sure we'll meet up sometime. I've set-up Chowhound events for like 20 people here in San Diego, and it's always alot of fun.

BoLA said...

Hey EDnBM...Great post! Count me in on the blog meet ups! ;) Dude...I've been so busy that I haven't posted anything for a while. Ah well...maybe I'll catch up this weekend in Mammoth...or not? ;)

elmomonster said...

PE put a note about your meet-up on a comment in my blog. This was a cool post, so thanks for sharing! It was lovely to have read about your evening. PE sounds just as charming as her writing!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Kirk, just send an email if you're ever up in the San Gabriel Valley. It'll be my turn to show you some good Asian eats. I don't really use Chowhound - I think it's layout is archaic and difficult to naviagte through.

Bola, of course I'd include you. Dude, you're going to Mammoth AND running around as the maid of honor? nuts. well, i hope we can meet up w/ the bride next week. Tuesday would be good for me as I'm busy the rest of the week.

Elmo, same with the note to Kirk, if you're ever in the 626, email me. PE is really nice.

Passionate Eater said...

YEA! I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

Excellent account of our time together that night. I had such an amazing time EDNBM! You truly are a phenomenal person, and I am tremendously happy that I had an opportunity to meet the charismatic and enthusiastic man behind EDNBM! Although I've been really busy with some "family & friends drama" this past week, I've been thinking about giving you a ring, and checking up on your progress with devising new fusion dishes! ... And also, asking for cooking help!

I love your comment next to our picture! After meeting with you, I really feel that you are more suited for the "passionate eater" name. You are passionate about what you love, and it resonates through every aspect about you. I'll be following up your post with a puny post of my own--sorry for the "puny" nature, but I'll get back to posting full time again soon.

Take care EDNBM, and hope to see you soon!

Daily Gluttony said...

I'm putting you in charge of the next blogger get together! Yay EDBM! =D

eatdrinknbmerry said...

PE, sure, give me a call anytime you're down in the 626 area. We'll go eat, and actually take photos.

Pam, i'll get in touch with Bola soon and we'll have to meet up somewhere in Lil' Tokyo. Mmm, daikokuya.

Passionate Eater said...

By the way, what did you do to the picture? It looks way better than the version that I have! (It is crisp and has more vibrant color.)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

i played around with in photoshop.

Jeni said...

I'm down to meet my food blog mentors!

Jhaw said...

Shish, I envy you guys... i hope i can also organize food bloggers meet here in the philippines... but that might be misconstrued as meeting to topple the government, we might end up encarcerated....tsk...

i'm your regular reader edbm, since i got to know PE's food blog...

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Jeni, yeah for sure.

Jhaw, are there a lot of food bloggers from the Phillipines? Have you met anyone before?

Jhaw said...

hi EDBM,
i searhed the blogger site and looks like there are many food bloggers here. but i think they're professionals...and i'm just a lowly citizen who just loves to eat and cook...anyways, your meeting with PE inspired me to look for my fellow food bloggers here in the Philippines and have some fun....

J said...

hi dylan, absolutely ;)

Gourmetish said...

I completely agree. It's so much fun meeting the people behind the small text. Great blog, btw. I'll probably be moving back up to LA in a year or so and will be asking you for recommendations!

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