Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Perfectly-Molded Take On A Hawaiian Classic - Portuguese Sausage with Eggs

Last week, I found a nice package on my work desk, awaiting my arrival. My coworker TT came back from Hawaii and promised me a nice souvenir. She had read my posts on my Hawaii trip and knew exactly what to get me; something edible.

I slowly undressed the package to find Portuguese sausage. I was so stoked haha. In Hawaii, the McDonald’s serve local food including spam/Portuguese with eggs and rice.
This meal was actually one of the memorable ones from my trip.

Because the sight of a heavy plate lunch may sometimes be too much for the senses, I decided to do a take on this Hawaiian classic. Using a ring mold in the pan, I fried some rice that I had mixed with Nori Furikake (best stuff on Earth), making a crispy, circular ‘rice cake’. I then topped it with five small slices of the heavenly Portuguese sausage and of course, added a perfectly round egg. Since this meal is usually served with soy sauce, I made a quick soy sauce reduction sauce using soy sauce, water, sugar, sesame oil and corn starch for thickening. Sprinkled a few bits of Nori Furikake for garnish. I think I devoured this in about 2 minutes in under 6 bites like Pac-Man.


BoLA said...

Ooo...I like your new layout. Very stylish and fun! =) And oh my! How I love my Hawaiian breakfasts...porta-gueeze sausages and eggs. Absolutely delish! Fancy fancy rendition! Great job!

Joe said...

Great photo! I like the new layout too!

stacey said...

1st this looks tasty as heck.
2nd nice new look. very clean.
3rd yum on hawaiian food. i had some w/ my bro in oregon-- nice and sweety good.

Kirk said...

Nice layout. And don't you know, that the first post is about REPS(Rice Eggs Portuguese Sausage)!

yoony said...

its funny you made this because just yesterday i was at surfas torn between getting boudin blanc or hawaiian portugese sausage! i went for the boudin blanc but the portugese one is next on my list. nice layout! i'm not so computer saavy and will be stuck with my template for eternity!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Kristy, thank you - let's get your facelift going too.

Joe, thanks for visiting. I've been to your site and like what you're cooking 'in the desert'.

JustBraise, thank you - I'm looking to braise Bugs Bunny in my LC pot very soon. Have you ever cooked rabbit?

Kirk, REPS is awesome. I'd choose that over any snob meal someday - well maybe toss in a few pieces of foie gras next to the spam and i'll be content haha. A friend of mine said eggs/PS in a sandwich is heavenly.

Yoonyfer, you and I are like addicted to Surfas haha. Even when I don't have anything to buy, I'll just go and browse EVERY aisle. The last time I went, I picked up some plastic squeezy bottles and a ring mold used for this dish haha.

MEalCentric said...

Dylan, the new site looks great! I am very envious. I wish I knew now to do that fanchy schmacy coding.

And wow, that picture is mouth watering. Are you still at pinot? How is that going?

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