Thursday, January 19, 2006

Grand Opening

See? I told you I had a short attention span. After 1.5 weeks of staring/manipulating boring coding, Frankenstein has awoken. Hope everyone finds it easy to navigate through. I was pretty tired of the blogger templates and wanted one to call my own. Have a good day.


Foodie Universe said...

Wow! Your new design looks really nice. Very clean and professional. Are you going to transfer over your old posts?

Foodie Universe said...

Looks like everything is there now. I wouldn't worry about it. Great choice of reading material, by the way.

BoLA said...

hmm...okay, so i'm a total bandwagon jumper. how'd you do that? i'm so tired of my boring black background...muhahah! do help! SOS por favor!

Professor Salt said...

Use of white space: A+
Use of not white space: A+

Wanna design a Wordpress template for me? I can use professional help :P

Passionate Eater said...

Your web blog looks incredible Dylan! Very innovative and unique design. (I really like your idea for your title header--how you ran the words together and kept them in lowercase, but colored the first letters of each word differently.) It is visually pleasing, and accentuates your food pix.

I am a tad depressed though--I'll miss being your twin with the old layout. But, you also inspired me the change up my tired, old blog. I think though that I'm going to experiment with blues and pinks though!

Daily Gluttony said...

Hey Dylan! How you do dat???

Love the new digs...very cool!

It was really cool to finally meet you & Kristy last nite...we should definitely plan on meeting up for some good chow soon!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Thanks everyone. I was going nuts with the coding - seriously thought about quitting so many times. I'd match up my determination during that time with Rocky's. Just imagine Survivor's "eye of the tiger" in the background and the serious look on my face.

Prof. Salt - I first checked into wordpress and gave up so fast.

P.Eater, hey actually it's just PETER now - I'm sorry we had to be separated at birth. I can assure you that you've still got the better looking genes. I got hit with an ugly stick many many times. My page is such a front haha. If you have questions regarding coding, email me.

Pam, your site is good as it is. Your use of pink matches your Pad Thai shirt haha. We will definitely get together soon with Bola. Bola.... what a sexy name.

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