Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Costco Rocks

Next time you're at Costco buying 5 bottles of shampoo, 2 packs of 5,000 q-tips, 150 rolls of toilet paper, 4 cases of eggs and of course those delicious $1.50 hot dogs.... you might wanna consider buying this.

Checkout this link and read the disclaimer. I wonder if they sell these in a 2-pack.

You can even buy a wedding ring at Costco. I've developed a new tagline for this mega sized store- Costco: A Big Part of Your Life.


Daily Gluttony said...

I KNOW!!! Isn't that so funny? For fun, I read those disclaimers once and I think it said that you have to keep it with you, meaning they can't store it for you until you die. So like, are you just going to keep it in the garage??? Hey, you can even use it to store other stuff like old books and clothes until you're "ready" to use it. LOL!

Kirk said...

Hey, I knew all along that Costco sold beds..... Muah-ha-ha-ha! Nowadays it's Costco from Cradle to Grave.

elmomonster said...

I heard that they solid coffins, but this is the first time I heard that you have to store it yourself! That's hilarious!

MEalCentric said...

I noticed this on their website too. Creepy! Do you think their two year, no questions asked, return policy applies to this as well?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Yeah, can you imagine storing these badboys in your house? I would have the whole funeral setup in one room and when I have guests come over, I'd tell them that it's my bedroom.

Can you also imagine the receipt checker guy highlighting "Silver Coffin $1,349.99"? And then wishing you, "Have a nice day."

All I was typing in was the "Silver Spoon" book in the searchbox, and BOOM, the coffin comes up. And I started laughing haha.

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