Monday, October 31, 2005

Aloha Aloha! Day Two

Thursday, October 20th
With the company of a crappy, soccer-mom van and a friend who just moved out to Honolulu, we were out for a gorgeous day at the beach and better direction in finding good eats. We decided to head away from Waikiki Beach, and traverse the world-famous North Shore. We hopped in the car, rolled down the windows and immediately turned the radio to KCCN 100.3 FM for local Hawaiian music. We drove by the Dole Pineapple Plantations but skipped that once we saw the many tour buses there.

Our first stop in the North Shore was Romy’s, a small shack situated on a shrimp farm. We had to pullover because the scent of the garlic/chili was overwhelming. Romy’s is known for their garlic/chili shrimp with soy sauce over rice. At $12 for about 10 pieces of shrimp, it was quite pricey. I don’t know if it beats the Chinese fried shrimp with green onions and salt though. (Jeew Yeem Ha) I had the fried shrimp, which was basically shrimp wrapped in egg roll skin and submerged in oil. Now that was tasty. Overall, everyone was content with the meal.

We then headed to Shark’s Cove, hoping to snorkel, but the water was way too rocky. We then stopped over at the beautiful, Waimea Bay and hungout. After that, we headed to the small town of Haleiwa for some traditional Hawaiian shaved ice at Matsumoto’s. Matsumoto’s has been around since 1951 and has been punching out their famous shaved ice to fanny-packed tourists like me.

For $2, you can get the large shaved ice cone with any assortment of syrup, vanilla ice cream and beans. The vanilla ice cream serves as the condensed milk in the Taiwanese version. I don’t like sweets at all, but Matsumoto’s proved to be quite a delectable treat. I only wished they served it at the beaches. Where can I get this in the LA area? I’ve heard Gardena and Torrance has it.

For dinner, we were sans automobile. My lovebird friends decided to deprive the three of us and took the car to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for exquisite dining at the beautiful Hoku’s. I actually don’t know if it’s beautiful, since our friends deprived us of transportation haha. Just kidding L&I. Congratulations to them. After the dinner, L proposed to I after waiting 11 years! We then headed to Tiki’s Bar & Grill on Kalakaua Avenue for a few drinks. This tourist trap serves a nice healthy plate of Kahlua Pork Nachos. Awesome. I couldn’t sleep because I was so full.

So while they were eating delicious food, we trekked down to Ezogiku for, you guessed it, more ramen. Now this place was awesome. It was setup like a diner with the servers in the middle. The menu was simple to read and had a good variety of ramen. They were best known for their Miso Ramen, a huge bowl of chasiu pork, bean spouts and miso-flavored broth for $7.89. Ezogiku also has some killer combos for the hippos like me. For $9.89, you can get a bowl of ramen, 4 pieces of gyoza and fried rice. Awesome. We ended up eating here TWICE. Sorry, Ramenya & Kinchan’s, this place whoops your @$$.


larry said...

Fortunately, Mr. Ho did not come along with me and my new fiancee to Hoku's. Otherwise, we'd have died of starvation while he took pictures of all our food, drinks, and table settings....I would recommend Hoku's for an early evening dinner or lunch. There's an awesome panoramic view of the pacific from any table, lagoons on site with dolphins, sea turtles and rays. Also, they have a private beach where you can propose to the love of your life. Great atmostphere, but on the pricey side for food and accomodations. (sorry to to hi-jack your blog Dylan, but the public needs to know!)

Can't wait to see what else we did!

BoLA said...

Shaved ice is delicious! I like the ones at Teri Hawaii down in Gardena.

Mark Kawayoshi said...

Is Hoku's a restaurant? I saw her perform with her Dad Don Ho when I went there for my senior trip in high school. I like root beer floats so I get shaved ice with root beer and ice cream.

Kirk said...

Dylan - It's kinda funny....seems almost like you went to Hawaii to eat Ramen??? LOL! Matsumoto's is good, especially after a day of surfing and stuff!

yoony said...


sounds like you're having a great time! those shrimp look sooo good. [by the way, i am a hawaii virgin too!].

Mac said...

KCCN 100.3 Rocks. I love that station. I actually still listen to that station here on the mainland via the internet every now and then. Smooth, relaxing, and easy melodies.

Man, you were cravin ramen out there i see. did you you find any good pho joints out there as well?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Kristy, thanks. i'm never in the South Bay but IF i'm there, i'll try it out.

Mark, Hoku's is the fancy restaurant inside the hotel. You'll have to ask larry about it b/c i don't know anything about the place. he said there's a nice lagoon where you can see dolphins and turtles inside.

Kirk, i'm a noodle whore in general. i couldn't see myself eating plate lunches/loco moco everyday. Ramen was the safest bet for me haha.

Yoony, they were fried perfectly. It won't be hard to replicate. Mmmm....

Mac, after about an hour straight of KCCN. i got tired of it. it seemed like the reggae-style/keyboard track was set on loop and different voices would come on. The only way to know that the song was over was thru commercial breaks. haha. I saw a few pho restaurants, but didn't bother.

Kirk said...

Hey Dylan - That type of music is called obviously know why!

J said...

hi dylan, sounds like you had a real blast eating your way through the trip - the very best kind of trip there is too!

Daily Gluttony said...


You wore a fanny pack? Was it a fobby Versace one? hahahaha just kidding.

Those shrimp look good!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

No, but i have a fanny pack that says UCI Football on it. Go Anteaters!

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