Monday, October 31, 2005

Aloha Aloha! Day Three

Friday, October 21st
Yesterday, we went over to the Mega-Walmart to buy snorkeling gear and alcohol. Our safest best for snorkeling was Hanauma Bay, although Shark’s Cove seemed to be the favorite of the locals. Once we paid for our entrance fee of $5, we were forced to watch this terrible video on the history of Hanauma Bay. It even had this Disney-like song where the girl sang about reefs and corals. So stupid.

We didn’t want to leave the bay and ended up eating at the snack bar. $4 for shaved ice sans vanilla ice cream and beans. Boo. The garlic fries were good, but not as good the Gordon Biersch ones from Dodger Stadium. But I’ll tell you what made my trip. I found $100 at Hanauma Bay! All of a sudden, the crappy shaved ice, mediocre garlic fries and horrid Disney video were long forgotten.

On a sad note, upon arriving at Hanauma, we stepped onto the set of Baywatch. A few lifeguards were setting up the CPR equipment on shore and watched as another lifeguard on a jetski cruised down from the mouth of the bay. He was towing a lifeless woman on a gurney and bounced on the waves like a flag on a windy day. They spent a good 35-45 minutes on her, and sadly, I don’t think she made it. I’m not sure what happened out there. God bless her.

Dinner? Take a wild guess. We decided to take L&I to that awesome ramen shop, Ezogiku, because they had missed out. They loved it.


Daily Gluttony said...

Dylan! I didn't know what to think after reading this post...first you found a hundred bucks then you tell us some lady drowned then you go and get good ramen. You're sending us on an emotional roller coaster. Waaaaaaah!

(just kidding!)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

pam i didn't know how to tell the story. do i tell about the lady, and then mention $100??? or do vice versa??? maybe this should've been a separate posting. sorry for the rollercoaster ride!

BoLA said...

dayam! hundred bucks?! what did you do with that??? and i agree with pam about the lady drowing. that is very sad and do hope that she made it. (the forever optimist in me).

eatdrinknbmerry said...

she didn't make it. there's a weblink to a news site in hawaii. she was 19 years old and discovered face down in hanauma bay.

BoLA said...

that's just so crazy how something so tragic can happen to someone so young. :(

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