Sunday, September 11, 2005

Breakfast of Champions

Who would’ve thought that tortilla chips scrambled with egg, salsa and cheese could be such a day-starting meal - only Eat Well in West Hollywood. I first had this delightful dish back at my old agency’s cafeteria and found it to be just as unique as the Peruvian saltado dish (meat, tomatoes, onions and FRIES sautéed in soy sauce). Ever since then, chilaquiles are the first thing I look for at any Mexican restaurant, but it’s also quite hard to find. If you know of any other places that serve up chilaquiles, please inform me. For $6.75, Eat Well serves a generous portion of chilaquiles with rice and beans. Don’t feel like trying this, you’ll find your typical diner fare plus an extended breakfast menu that ends at 3 pm. Have fun coloring/drawing on their paper mats while you wait.


Scott Woodside said...
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BoLA said...

Nice. Breakfast of Champions. was your weekend? Mac and I made some really yummy Shrimp Fetticine with Artichoke Hearts and Garlic in a Pink Chardonnay Sauce for dinner the other night. Should have taken pictures...doh! Next time, for sure!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

wow kristy, that sounds like a great meal. i will see you at this sunday's bbq!!!

yoony said...

i also tried the chilaquiles at eat well (silverlake location). it was sooo good. i agree it is definitely a breakfast of the champions. i got so full but couldn't stop eating it!

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