Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chilean Seabass -- quite possibly the best fish ever.

Ever since i became interested in cooking, i've opened up my palate for all kinds of food -- especially seafood. I had been afraid of eating seafood because of a food poisoning incident when i was around the age of 5. And the very first time i dared to eat fish, after 18 years, was in New York with my ex-girlfriend. We dined at Nobu Next Door. (I learned that the original Nobu required reservations months in advance.) We had the Chilean Seabass marinated in miso paste, sake and mirin (cooking wine) and topped with Nobu's take on Chinese black bean sauce. It was absolutely mouth-watering. I checked out a similar recipe on Nobu's restaurant site. Here's my take on it.

Chilean Seabass with Miso/Blackbean Sauce
Originally uploaded by dealinhoz.

I went to Nobu Matsuhisa's website Nobu Matsuhisa's and i collected the common denominators (ingredients) and did some self editing. I wanted to add a Chinese twist to it by making a sauce using rice wine/black bean/soy sauce. It turned out very well!

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